Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush

While this is meant for children ages 3 and older, I recommend waiting until age 6 or older before using this due to the level of skill needed. Even the gentle mode can be intimidating for some kids, and improper use may damage enamel. The brush comes with stickers that allow kids to customize their […]

Hyperbiotics PRO-Kids ENT

A chewable strawberry tablet featuring specific oral probiotic strains to promote bacterial diversity, essential for improved dental check-ups. I appreciate Hyperbiotics for their stringent manufacturing standards and thorough testing on the survivability of strains.

Brilliant Baby Toothbrush

The ultra-soft bristles are gentle, making it suitable for babies and ensuring positive early experiences. The 360° design is especially helpful because babies and toddlers may struggle to twist their wrists to angle traditional brushes correctly. This eliminates that struggle!

Reach Flosser

Flossing couldn’t be simpler with this tool—no need to wind the floss around your fingers. The long handle makes reaching the back teeth effortless. Ideal for parents flossing their kids’ teeth, individuals with special needs, and those with poor coordination.

Risewell Kids Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

The Risewell Kids formulation offers your best chance at preventing and reversing dental issues in a toothpaste, all without concerns about the neurological issues linked to the ingestion and absorption of fluoride. Coupled with safe ingredients for a manufactured paste, this makes it my top recommendation for the little ones! It’s adult-friendly too if you […]

Boom Boom Sticks

Enhancing nasal breathing elevates nitric oxide production, benefiting a child’s focus, memory, attention in school, and even addressing ADD-like symptoms. Myofunctional therapists often recommend this approach for children experiencing mouth breathing.

Floss Picks for Kids

Fluoride-free and dual line floss picks in fun colors and animal shapes like dinosaurs, elephants, and hippos. Comes with a free travel case and a kid-friendly guide plus stickers to get your little ones excited for flossing!

Carlson Kid’s Cod Liver Oil

Infants as young as four months can gain advantages from daily cod liver oil, abundant in remineralizing vitamins A and D. This routine may contribute to preventing your child from needing braces in the future. Consider it an early investment that saves you from dental bills in the future!

DrFormulas Nexabiotic Powder

This formula is great because it includes both prebiotics and probiotics, essential for fostering bacterial diversity in a developing oral microbiome. This pre- and pro-biotic powder can be mixed into food, formula, juices or smoothies for infants, babies and kids.