Good Morning Snore Solution

This tongue retention device is designed to reposition your airway during sleep, promoting a comfortable fit. It serves as an effective method for addressing sleep-disordered breathing and bruxism (teeth grinding). As compared to other anti-snore device, this brand holds the tongue, does not require boil and bite process, no jaw displacement, teeth friendly, eliminates teeth […]

Air Purifier

An air filter is a crucial component for facilitating nighttime nasal breathing, especially vital for babies and kids. Bedrooms are often congested, especially when windows can’t be opened. These filters are cost-effective and hold AHAM certification, a feature lacking in Molekule and Medify Air.

Manta Sleep Mask

Add this as a staple to your nightly sleep routine to complement the use of mouth tape and/or mandibular advancement device. While there are many night sleep masks on the market, this one lives up to its hype. It is 100% light blocking eye mask, zero eye pressure, comfortable and adjustable.

EMF Detector

Sleep is crucial to good health. Many individuals sleep in proximity to circuit breakers and other sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). It’s not advisable to have EMFs near you while sleeping. Therefore, I highly recommend this EMF detector to identify or recognize the common possible sources of harmful EMF.

Nexcare Mouth Tape

Most dry mouth happens due to mouth breathing at night when your mouth falls open. Mouth taping every night helps. Nexcare is good for use on infants, children and the elderly with up to a 48 hr hold.

Xlear Nasal Spray

Incorporate this as a complement to mouth taping. Apply it an hour or two before bedtime with just a few squirts in the nostrils to facilitate nasal breathing. Additionally, it works wonders for the nasal oral microbiome, a crucial component of the oral microbiome that is essential for optimal oral health.