Nimbus Microfine

Ideal for individuals with tooth sensitivity, tender gums, or gum recession. The bristle design excels at dislodging food from pockets and interdental spaces—though not a substitute for flossing, it offers a similar effect. Initially, you may sense a slight prickliness in areas with inflammation, serving as valuable feedback to pinpoint areas requiring extra care and […]

Radius Source

I recommend this manual toothbrush to everyone, as it stands out in various aspects such as addressing gum recession, sensitivity, and bleeding gums. The broad massaging head is effective in preventing recession and sensitivity by distributing forces across a larger surface area. Additionally, the design minimizes toothbrush waste by 93%, as you retain the same […]

MOON Toothbrush

Looking for a more sleek and modern design? These soft bristle toothbrushes were designed to be gentle but effective when brushing your teeth. This pack comes in a set of 2, one with black bristles and one with white to change things up or simply to be able to distinguish between toothbrushes to avoid an […]

Jordan* ® | Green Clean Manual Toothbrush

The Jordan Green Clean Toothbrush is DESIGNED WITH BOTH YOU AND THE ENVIRONMENT IN MIND, made of 90% recycled materials. The soft toothbrush is made of 100% bio-based nylon and the narrow soft brush lets you easily access hard to reach places. Simplicity and functionality coupled with a love for the environment, this is the […]

EasyHonor Extra Soft Toothbrush for Sensitive Gums

This BPA free ultra soft toothbrush provides great cleaning without harming gums, minimizes over stimulation and at the same time provides tender gum massage. It is ideally for elderly, pregnant women gum recessions and people wearing braces. Using Japanese soft toothbrush technology, more than 20,000 micro fine bristles are much thinner than other soft bristles, […]

Philips Sonicare 4100

Excellent value. While it may lack extra features, it shares the same precise sonic motion as the pricier Sonicare models. The sonic vibrations are effective in dislodging particles of food and bacteria in the exposed spaces of teeth due to gum recession. Remember, always opt for and use only the SOFT replacement heads, as the […]

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9500

Bluetooth connectivity offers real-time feedback on your brushing technique, a feature I personally appreciate and recommend to those working on improving their brushing skills or anyone who enjoys tracking data. For more information, you can check out the review of the DiamondClean on YouTube channel.