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Find & fix the root cause of oral conditions like bad breath, chronic tooth decay & gum inflammation with the world’s first oral health saliva test.

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The Vine Dental

Where Wellness Meets Dental Innovation

The Vine Dental stands at the forefront of oral healthcare, committed to offering a curated selection of dental products designed to enhance oral health and support overall wellness. Our focus is on providing innovative solutions that not only improve dental hygiene but also contribute to a healthier lifestyle. With a keen eye on quality and effectiveness, we bring to our customers the best in dental wellness, ensuring every product we offer is a step towards a brighter, healthier smile.

Meet Dr. Kehinde Ogundele

"Nurturing Smiles, Guiding Professionals."

As a distinguished graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, an Ivy League institution, Dr. Kehinde Ogundele has etched her name in the annals of dental excellence. Her dental career which started in 2010 has given her experience in both public and private dental care settings in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, DC and Florida.

In the dental community, Dr. Ogundele is revered for her meticulous approach and dedication to providing top-quality care. Her ability to blend compassionate treatment with cutting-edge practices makes her a beacon of trust and expertise for her patients and fellow professionals alike.

Dr. Ogundele is not just a practitioner but a thought leader in dental health. Her emphasis on patient education and empowerment extends to her peers in the dental field. She passionately shares her insights and the latest advancements, fostering a community of learning and excellence in dental care.

Her deep understanding of the dental landscape led to the founding of The Vine Dental in 2023. The Vine Dental is not just a storefront; it is a curated collection of the finest dental products and services, handpicked by Dr. Ogundele. Her goal is to ensure that both dental professionals and patients have access to the best tools and knowledge for optimal oral health.

Through her strategic partnership with Bristle Health, Dr. Ogundele brings a unique perspective to oral health, combining her clinical experience with advanced technological solutions. This synergy is at the heart of The Vine Dental’s philosophy, offering an unparalleled resource for both dental practitioners and patients.

Outside her professional life, Dr. Ogundele is a vibrant presence, balancing her passion for dentistry with the joys of family life, nature, travel, and the culinary arts. Her holistic approach to life is a testament to her belief in the interconnectedness of health, happiness, and fulfillment.

In summary, Dr. Kehinde Ogundele stands as a pillar of dental innovation and excellence. At The Vine Dental, she offers more than products and services; she offers a vision of comprehensive, advanced, and accessible dental care for all.

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Step into a world of superior dental care. Our carefully chosen collection promises to elevate your oral health routine with unparalleled quality and effectiveness.

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Tomas Lee

Long-Time Customer

Since discovering The Vine Dental’s products, my oral health has improved dramatically. Their range is not only effective but also incredibly user-friendly. Every item feels like it’s been chosen just for me. Truly a game-changer for my daily routine!


Dr. Samuel L.


As a dental professional, it’s vital to recommend products that I trust. The Vine Dental’s selection is exceptional – each product is backed by research and delivers outstanding results. My patients have seen remarkable improvements. Highly recommended!


Jordan K.


Partnering with The Vine Dental has been a remarkable journey. Their commitment to quality and patient care aligns perfectly with our mission. Seeing our products featured and appreciated on their platform is a testament to our shared dedication to dental wellness.

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